SNK Releases Nakoruru Samurai Shodown Trailer

SNK kicked off a weekly series of character focused videos for their upcoming fighter, Samurai Shodown. Showcasing each person’s fighting styles and abilities, these brief looks at the game’s roster could help fans and newcomers decide who to main.

First up is fan favorite Nakoruru, a young Kamui warrior who utilizes nature inspired moves as well as her pet hawk Mamahaha. Though small in stature, she can go toe to toe with the best of them; her speed and unique abilities (like being able to bounce projectiles back at enemies) make her a tough opponent.

Though these types of videos are nothing new – NetherRealm and Capcom have been killing it in recent years – they are great promotional tools. That said, I’m hoping we get to see some new characters soon. Prequel or not, it would be exciting to learn of a new face/character to master.

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