Table Top News

10 May 2017

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game Has Been Fully Funded!

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game hit its Kickstarter goal in under eight hours......Read More

12 January 2016

WizKids Announce Release Month for Faerun Under Siege!

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Faerun Under Siege is set to be released in February...Read More

08 December 2015

WizKids Announces International Tournaments!

WizKids announced today the return of their popular "WizKids Open" series of in-store tabletop game tournaments for 2016!...Read More

25 November 2015

11 bit studios Announced This War of Mine The Board Game!

It seems that board games are all the rage this year......Read More

12 November 2015

The Banner Saga: Warbands Kickstarter Launches/Succeeds!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.Date: 11/12/15Stoic and MegaCon Games shared more details about The Banner Saga: Warbands as the official Kickstarter launches. Based on the critically acclaimed video game, this miniatures board game will allow gamers a...Read More