News November 25, 2015

11 bit studios Announced This War of Mine The Board Game!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 11/24/15

It seems that board games are all the rage this year. Robot Entertainment and Stoic successfully launched Kickstarters to fund Orcs Must Die and Banner Saga board games. Now 11 bit studios is jumping into the ring (or in this case, the box) with their hit title, This War of Mine…

this-war-of-mine-board-game-artThis War of Mine The Board Game will featured a multiplayer experience for up to six players. Each player will don the shoes of one of the characters from the game and face hundreds of challenges and difficult choices, while trapped in a war-torn city. Interesting enough, it will be an instant play game; players won’t need to read a manual before joining in. Not sure how that’s going to work as I would assume there are a lot of moving parts based on the premise. There will be an app that provide content like additional scenario triggered scripts, live story updates, and cutscenes to help flesh things out a bit.

While I’m glad This War of Mine is going the table top route, I have to wonder if it will be any “fun”. In my review of the original game, I reflect on what it was like trying to survive in TWoM’s world. Translating that into a cooperative game could be amazing if not a bit sad. That said, Michal Oracz, a veteran board game designer, has taken the reigns. Basically, we’ll have to wait and see.