Techland Releases Dying Light 2 E3 Demo

Techland recently released a 26-minute Dying Light 2 gameplay video. Featuring an interesting look at the game’s branching story mechanics, new combat/parkour abilities, the video proved to be exciting.

Previously held for media during E3 and Gamescom, the gameplay video showcases how your choices can have far reaching consequences. Going left instead of right could result in a main character’s death. That same decision could also uncover a large, unexplored section of the city.

I both like and dislike these types of videos. They’re great at giving players a brief look at what’s to come. They also spoil some of the fun. While I’d like to see how the presented scenario pans out from my perspective, I already know what the “bad” choices are.

Still, Dying Light 2 looks to be a solid sequel. A more involved story, larger map, improved gameplay mechanics – Techland is pull out all the stops. Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype when it’s released next year.

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