THQ Announces Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition

Darksiders Genesis is getting the “collector’s” treatment. Which in and of itself, it’s big news; nearly every game gets a collector/digital/something different edition. That said, this is the first one that comes with a board game…

THQ revealed the Darksiders: The Forbidden Land board game during E3. It looked like a good time waiting to happen. We weren’t sure when it would be available though. As it turns out, it was to be bundled in the Nephilim Edition of Darksiders Genesis.

The Nephilim Edition comes with the board game, a Strife Figurine, an Artbook, the game’s soundtrack and more. Altogether, it’ll run gamers about $380.

Despite the hefty price, fans looking to snag the bundle should consider pre-ordering; THQ has limited the Nephilim Edition, only making 5,000 units available for purchase. There’s also a collector’s edition (featuring everything but the boardgame) for those of us with tighter budgets. Coming in at $110 and $120 for PC and consoles respectively, it’s a much cheaper option.

Darksiders Genesis will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Google Stadia later this year. The Nephilim and Collector’s editions will most likely be released at that time. We assume that Darksiders: The Forbidden Land will be made available, separate of the bundle, sometime after that.

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