Tools Up! Gets a Release Date

Keeping up with every game is difficult. With so many being released at any given time, it’s easy to miss a few…hundred or so. This is especially true on the indie front.

That said, when one game does catch our eye – due to a unique premise, look or game mechanics – we make sure to take a closer peak. That’s what happened with The Knights of Unity’s Tools Up!

This cooperative title is all about renovation. Up to four players will get together (locally) in hopes of fixing up the various homes found in a large skyscraper. That’s easier said than done of course…

Players will have to follow blueprints, completing the job before time runs out. Coordination is key. Tossing a couch to a friend might be helpful. As long as your aim is true and it doesn’t accidentally crash through a window.

Tools Up! looks like a fun time waiting to happen; it seems akin to Overcooked, but instead of making meals, players are laying tiles, painting walls and moving furniture. All you need is a few friends and a comfy couch.

Those of us looking to renovate a few homes can do so when Tools Up! is released for the Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC on December 3rd for $19.99.

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