Tortuga Announces Spaceland

Tortuga Team recently announced an interesting game called Spaceland. This sci-fi tactical RPG will have players leading a group of Space Rangers as they go about dispatching all manner of alien. Inspired by games like XCOM, it will feature turn-based combat that’s viewed from an top down perspective.

What makes it interesting is Tortuga’s approach to combat. The traditional tactical elements have been tweaked in order to speed things up. Players won’t need to think about creating the best loadouts or picking the best character for a given mission. Each Space Ranger is already equipped with the “right” tools for the job. They also won’t have to worry about things like shot percentages; the game focuses more on proper positioning than anything else.

“Spaceland is the loving homage to sci-fi classics, both games and books, that we’ve been wanting to make for a long time,” said Anton Mikhailov, Creative Director at Tortuga Team. “We’ve taken the core of the tactical RPG, the turn-based combat, and reworked it for speed — meaning players will likely only spend 10 minutes at most on a battle, but it will be fun and exciting the entire time!”

Though the actual fighting will be streamlined, players will still need use their heads. They’ll want to scavenge their surroundings for equipment or extra ammo, avoid environmental hazards, find data (needed to better understand each alien’s strengths and weaknesses) and more.

Spaceland is coming to PC later this year. There’s no word on whether it’ll eventually end up on other platforms – a bummer, considering how perfect it’d seemingly be for the Switch. Regardless, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more about the game.

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