UFG Goes Hands on with GTFO (Alpha)

10 Chambers’ GTFO is poised to be a thrilling experience. A mesh between Rainbow Six and Left 4 Dead. That’s not necessarily what’s being conveyed by the developers. That’s just how we felt after getting her hands on an early build.

We recently got a chance to play GTFO during one of our Saturday Night Streams. Currently in Alpha, our trek through an abandon facility proved treacherous. That is until we got the hand of things.

Acting as four prisoners sent to grab a DNA sample (for reasons unknown) we quickly learned that we needed to be quiet while moving about. The slightest noise sent hordes of hard to kill monsters our way. Preserving our ammo was a must. What proved to be most important though, was to use the scattered computer terminals to figure out where we needed to go; it would take Dos-like prompts to find which rooms, areas we need to search.

You can check out how we fared via the video above. Personally, I think we did a good job. Right up until we died…horribly…

GTFO is supposed to release sometime this year. While it seems to be polished enough for that to happen, I’m betting on a 2020 release. We’ll be sure to keep you updated regardless.

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