UFG Unboxed The Google Stadia

November has been an exciting month for gaming. Not only did we get a plethora of interesting titles – Death Stranding, Shenmue III, and Pokémon Sword/Shield, to name a few – Google also released Stadia, a new cloud streaming service.

The Google Stadia is all about access. In that, it’ll allow gamers to play video games without requiring a console or PC. All they’ll need is a good internet connection, a device that supports Google Chrome and the Stadia itself. Beyond that, it’s supposed to be able to stream games in 4K at 60fps. Which of course is amazing…

Because the prospect of streaming games in 4K is alluring, we decided to do an unboxing video/share our initial Stadia impressions. Feel free to check it out below. Just note that this isn’t a full review; we don’t get into the Stadia’s limited launch line up, how it stands up to different internet connections, or really dive deep into Google’s pricing model.

Being able to stream games isn’t new. That said, aside from Microsoft’s Project xCloud, the only company to make it work to this degree is Google. The Stadia still needs some work though. We’ll be sure to share our thoughts on how it can improve as we continue to “live” with the service.

Our unboxing video was shot and edited by Marquis Massenburg, aka “The Mystro”. You can follow him, and his online magazine, at @TheMystroSpeaks and @HLXMag respectively.

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