World War Z Gets Proving Grounds Update

Saber Interactive recently released the free Proving Grounds update for World War Z. Featuring a new challenge mode, this update rounds out the first season of free content for the cooperative, zombie shooter.

We got a new Tokyo mission, extreme difficulty settings and more in past updates. This one is all about the weekly challenge, a separate playlist with unique gameplay modifiers. You’ll have to complete a mission using nothing but crossbows, for instance. Complete a challenge and you’ll be rewarded with currency used to buy cosmetic options like color schemes and headgear.

The Proving Grounds update also brought about game fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Again, that’s all to round out this season. Season two will add a new survival mode, PvE maps, a special zombie, gameplay updates and more skins.

We felt that World War Z was a good game. That said, we though that it had the potential to be greater. One thing is clear: it’s getting better with each update.

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