A Plague is Coming to Defiance!

Trion Worlds is bringing another crossover event into the world of Defiance. This time though, instead of taking something from the hit Syfy show and placing it in the game, something from the game is coming to the show…

Beginning today, players will have to deal with a plague that is affecting San Francisco’s residents. They’ll have to work together to discover a cure in order to send it to the town of Defiance before the outbreak there gets any worse!

In an upcoming episode of the show (airing on June 17th), word of the infection will have reached the town. Doctor Yewll will send a distress call to a former colleague in the Bay Area who might be able to provide a cure, having spent weeks working on a cure…in game.

This free content includes an all new game mode, The Plague Sieges, 8 new emergencies, 2 new pursuits, a new data recorder, and a new mission series that runs from June 10th to the 17th.

Honestly, this all sounds great and I’m looking forward to jumping back into Defiance.

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