Another Saint Joins the Agents of Mayhem!

Deep Silver announced today that another Saints Row character has joined the Agents of Mayhem!

Kinzie Kensington is a fan favorite Saint. Though she an exceptional hacker/former intelligence agent for the FBI, she was never allowed to actually fight alongside her former gang members; she would help to dismantle a rival group called the Deckers before eventually becoming a press secretary after the Saint Row leader became President. It’s a…crazy story…

Anyways, times have changed. Kinzie, codenamed Agent Safeword, will be taking it to LEGION in the streets. High-tech gadgets are her thing. Utilizing them to take down bad guys should be easy peasy for this former Saint.

The Safeword pack is available now. It features Kinzie, new agent missions, hundreds of lines of new dialog and more. Feel free to check it out…and read our review of Agents of Mayhem (if you haven’t already).

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