ATLUS Announced God Mode!

ATLUS yesterday announced that God Mode was coming to North America in early 2013. It’s a new third-person shooter that’s set in the afterlife!

Interesting cheat-code-like name aside, God Mode looks to be pretty cool. Players take on the role of a descendant of an ancient god who is turned mortal when his family is banished from Mount Olympus. Each family member is tasked with battling their way out of Hades and reclaim their place in the pantheon. Sound’s kinda like Twisted Metal…only without cars…and with gods!

“At ATLUS, we’re constantly looking at ways to broaden the scope of content we deliver to our fans and God Mode presents another high-quality product in our line-up, delivered at a price point that will appeal to a wide range of gamers,” said Tim Pivnicny, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, ATLUS.  “We’re introducing an exciting third-person shooter that looks like a retail product, tied together with gameplay features and cooperative play like no other downloadable title has done.”

The game is being developed by Old School Games, a new studio collaborating with Saber Interactive (Halo Anniversary). God Mode will feature fast and frantic shooting, hordes of enemies, online and offline (via LAN) four player co-op, RPG elements and more. One thing that sounded really cool was the use of modifiers called Tests of Faith. Like the skulls found in Halo, these modifiers alter the gameplay on the fly, making matches play out differently each time.

Players will be able to use eleven different weapons as well as a special ability fueled by Rage, which is gathered by getting kills. These upgradable powers fall into the defensive, offensive, or support categories. Players can unlock new weapons and unique abilities by accruing gold and experience points in game. Not only that, but each character is fully customizable, both in appearance and equipment. All of these things will help extend God Mode’s life span when the game drops!

God Mode is slated for a 2013 release on Xbox Live, PSN, and PC for $9.99. Be sure to check back with us as we continue to cover this title!


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