Battletoads Gets a Release Date

The Battletoads are finally making their return. After years of waiting – amid nods, winks and a brief showing at E3 – fans will once again don the shoes of Zitz, Rash and Pimple. And by shoes, I mean alien toad feet…

Battletoads (2020), developed by Dlala Studios and Rare, will feature the over-the-top shenanigans the series is known for. Players will punch and kick their way through the Dark Queen’s army of goons. While doing so, their bodies will morph into various objects; a closed fist will turn into a giant mallet when striking an opponent.

Fans can also expect some of the more difficult Battletoad segments. Those include outer space battles (found in titles like Battletoads and Double Dragon) and speeder bike sections (hated by everyone, everywhere). Frustrating Fun times!

Up to three players will be able to “couch co-op” their way through Battletoads when it releases for the Xbox One and PC on August 20th. It’ll be available for purchase on either platform (including Steam) or downloadable for free thanks to the Ultimate Game Pass.

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