Bethesda E3 2015 Press Event Recap!

Bethesda did an awesome job last night. There press event had game demos of Doom and Fallout 4, interesting announcements including an Elder Scrolls card game. They even had Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb chatting it up with developers after the event, giving gamers even more details about these highly anticipated games.

If you missed the event, no worries; we made sure to add it to the site for your viewing pleasure. That said, we have highlighted the juicer tidbits below.

First up was Doom. id showed off an impressive demo of the game. It was so impressive that I wondered if it was actual gameplay or not. We saw the Doom Marine dispatch demons using shotguns, plasma rifles, and the classic chainsaw in brutal fashion. It almost seemed unfair until one particular demon got the best of the Marine, ripping both his arms off before ending the demo.


What the demo did show was that this was going to be a classically styled Doom. Fast running and gunning, health pickups, a stupid amount of gore – you know, what we’ve come to expect from such a title. It also features newer elements like an advanced melee system that allows the player to dispatch weakened foes in creative ways. Depending on what part of the body you are focusing on, you’ll perform a different lethal takedown. id also went on to announce the return of Doom’s fast-paced arena-style competitive multiplayer. It featured crazy maps that utilize vertical movement, powerful weapons and unique power-ups, one of which turns players into a demon.

What took the cake though, outside of the Doom reveal itself, was Doom SnapMap. This powerful level editor makes it possible for gamers to create their own modes and maps with easy-to-use tools. You can quickly snap things together, add in variables like where monsters spawn and more in mere seconds. What makes this even more exciting is that it isn’t limited to the PC version but is coming to every platform. Speaking of platforms, Doom is scheduled for a Spring 2016 launch on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. I’m sure we’ll hear more about id’s new shooter in no time!


Next up was Battlecry, the 3rd person multiplayer action combat game from BattleCry studios. Outside of a new character class and some random fighting, we didn’t get to see much of this game. And though it looked interesting, it just didn’t “wow” everyone like the other titles. The developers did announce that gamers can sign up to play the closed beta. Those interested in playing will be able to choose from 15 warriors, 3 factions and 5 classes before fighting it out in large 12v12 matches.

After that came a big reveal, namely Dishonored 2. What we saw was a stylized cinematic featuring Emily Kaldwin in the role of the assassin. Using new abilities, and what seemed to be her shadow, she was able to easily take down her target’s bodyguards before going for the kill. Later via a conversation with Adam and Morgan we find out that players can choose Emily or Corvo to play as. Once your character is chosen, you’ll have to complete the entire game as them.


The story goes like this: Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the Lord Regent has been vanquished and the dreaded Rat Plague has passed into history. An otherworldly usurper has seized the throne from Empress Emily Kaldwin, leaving the fate of the Isles hanging in the balance. As either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca – a once-dazzling coastal city that holds the key to restoring Emily to power. Armed with the mark of the Outsider and powerful new supernatural abilities, hunt down your enemies and forever alter the fate of the Empire. – Press Release.

Sounds good to me. Not only do the series main protagonists return but you can also expect the chaos system to once again be a fundamental gameplay mechanic. Will you cause chaos, leaving bodies all over the place or will you find more subtle ways of eliminating your targets? No release date was given for Dishonored 2. Arkane Studios did announce a definitive version of Dishonored coming to Xbox One and PS4 on August 25th. That basically means we won’t see the sequel released this year…


The last major announcement was what most of the audience was waiting for – Fallout 4. Bethesda Game Studios introduced us to the lone survivor of vault 111, only before the bombs dropped. We got to see an awesome character creation system (yes, you can play as a women) and an interesting intro into the story before everything goes to crap. Upon leaving the vault, we’re greeted with the fact that we’ve been asleep for two hundred years. Things have certainly changed scene the last time we saw the sun.


To be honest, you’d really need to see the live demo to get a sense how great this game looked. Still, in an effort to save time, here are some key features you ought to be aware of:

Freedom and Liberty!
Do whatever you want in a massive open world with hundreds of locations, characters, and quests. Join multiple factions vying for power or go it alone, the choices are all yours.

You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L!
Be whoever you want with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. character system. From a Power Armored soldier to the charismatic smooth talker, you can choose from hundreds of Perks and develop your own playstyle.

Super Deluxe Pixels!
An all-new next generation graphics and lighting engine brings to life the world of Fallout like never before. From the blasted forests of the Commonwealth to the ruins of Boston, every location is packed with dynamic detail.

Violence and V.A.T.S.!
Intense first or third person combat can also be slowed down with the new dynamic Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S) that lets you choose your attacks and enjoy cinematic carnage.

Collect and Build!
Collect, upgrade, and build thousands of items in the most advanced crafting system ever. Weapons, armor, chemicals, and food are just the beginning – you can even build and manage entire settlements.


Fallout 4 is poised to be the game of the year. Launching on November 10th for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, we only have five months to prepare for the coming awesome. At least that’s what the hype train would have us to believe. Regardless of how great the game will actually be, I’d have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw.

There were other announces – the aforementioned Elder Scrolls card game (called Elder Scrolls Legends) and Fallout Shelter, a mobile game that task you with running a vault X-Com style. Again, we wanted to hit the major announcements for those who aren’t able to watch the entire event.


We’ll hit the finer details as we continue to cover game related news during E3!

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