Bethesda Partners With Dark Horse on Art Books!

Hopefully what will be considered the beginning of a fruitful coupling, Bethesda Softworks and Dark Horse Comics have teamed up to release three new books showcasing the gorgeous art of Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Evil Within, and Dishonored!

the-art-of-wolfenstein-coverThe first, The Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order, is set for release on May 14th at comic book shops and May 27th everywhere else. The images shared by Bethesda have been nothing short of spectacular. The book boasts over 200 pages of game design, concept art, character designs (showing a progression of the original Wolfenstein 3D art to next gen graphics), settings, and technology. Wolfenstein: The New Order is set in an alternate 1960s era and the work that goes to creating the world is absolutely amazing, but normally not seen by the average gamer. The book gives an inside peek at this process, while also looking amazing on your coffee table.


The Art of The Evil Within and Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives are coming soon, with plans of release in August and November respectively. If you have ever been curious as to the process of developing these games from an artistic standpoint (or if you are a fan), the retail price of $39.99 is a small price to pay for this rarity!


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