Breach is Coming to Steam Early Access

QC Games recently announced that their first title, Breach, will be entering Steam Early Access early next year. This interesting action RPG is a cooperative/competitive game, where players must complete missions while dealing with mythological creatures from a parallel Earth.

The competitive aspect comes in the form of the Veil Demon – a playable, ghost like character that can summon traps and enemies. It’s akin to the enemy character in Fable Legends, only this one can possess the creatures being summoned, allowing the enemy player to directly attack the heroes.

Actually, much of the game resembles that failed Fable title. Which is somewhat exciting; I really enjoyed taking on monsters with friends before it was canceled. Maybe Breach is just the thing Legend fans need…

Breach is scheduled to land on Steam Early Access January 2019. A free-to-play version will this release sometime next year. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the game in the meantime.

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