Bungie Reveals Destiny’s Box Art!

Bungie and Activision revealed the cover art for their upcoming title, Destiny today. Take a look below:


It looks rather…well, it looks like Destiny. A nice cover that’s straight to the point. I’m guessing the figures on the box represent some of the class of characters you can be in the game. They all have unique garments, weapons, and I guess abilities (judging from the glow coming from the one on the left’s right hand). Again, it’s fitting.

I can’t wait to see more of this title in the coming months. It’ll be released sometime in 2014, so we probably won’t get too much more info before next year’s E3. Or Game Informer will get another exclusive spread; whichever comes first!

*Though we are only showing the Xbox One box, please note the game is coming to the PS4 as well!

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