Capcom Announces Resident Evil Village

Sony’s PS5 reveal was full of surprises. One of which, Resident Evil Village, was rumored to be a thing. Info about Village (RE8) leaked a while ago. That said, it was still a big deal when it was shown during the digital event.

Resident Evil Village is the eighth main entry in the RE series. It continues the story of Ethan, the protagonist from RE7, and his wife Mia. After surviving the events of the last game, they moved to a remote location; a village seemingly hidden from the rest of the world. Things were peaceful at first. That is until Chris Redfield barges into their lives.

From there, all hell breaks loose. Players will once again control Ethan (form a first-person perspective) as they contend with new horrors. Both he and Chris will need to uncover the truth about the village before all hope is lost.

Resident Evil Village is coming to the PS5, Xbox Series X and PC sometime in 2021. We’ll be sure to keep you updated in the meantime.

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