Crytek Releases Update 4.0 for Hunt: Showdown

Crytek recently released another big update for Hunt: Showdown. This time the focus is on a new Quickplay game mode. Designed to offer players the option of playing shorter matches, Quickplay changes the rules of the hunt…

In Quickplay, ten solo players must race to find and activate wellsprings of energy. There’s no monster to hunt down or bounty to collect. That doesn’t mean that the environments are safe for exploration; there are plenty of enemies roaming about, including rival players.

Crytek continues to improve Hunt: Showdown; this update also offers multiple bug fixes, daily and weekly challenges, weapon balances and more. The game isn’t ready to be released from Early Access just yet. Still, it’s in a much better shape than it was earlier in the year.

Hunt: Showdown is available via Steam Early Access at a discounted price (until December 19th). Feel free to check back here as we continue to cover this title!

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