Epic Lands Another “Exclusive” Title in YAGER’s The Cycle

YAGER recently announced that their upcoming competitive quest shooter, The Cycle, is launching exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Releasing later this year, this news marks another title NOT heading to Steam…

For those that don’t know, The Cycle is a match-based FPS where players with an emphasis on PvPvE action. Players will need to complete jobs and out-score (or straight up battle) other players while trying to survive the harsh environments found on an alien planet called Fortuna III. Teaming up is an option. Though the possibility of being betrayed before a given match ends is rather high.

“We’re beyond excited to join forces once again with our long-time friends at Epic Games to officially introduce The Cycle to the Epic Games Store’s huge community of players hungry for truly unique gaming experiences. The Cycle is a new leap forward for YAGER as a self-publishing developer, which we owe to this joint partnership,” said YAGER founder and Managing Director Timo Ullmann. “This is a rare chance to challenge yourself with a fresh new take on competitive and cooperative multiplayer shooters, and you can get a taste of it later this month.”

We’re going to have to get used to hearing about this sort of thing. Considering how often we here about Epic’s new digital store front – deals like this show that they are determined to compete with Steam – things seem to be moving in a promising manner. That’s not to say that everyone is pleased with their actions. Some gamers have voiced their concerns; they hate having to choose another store front for upcoming releases. Publishers (and probably developers) are happy though, considering the revenue split leans in their favor. That and a timed exclusivity deal must mean big bucks from Epic.

Going back to The Cycle, it’s gameplay seems reminiscent of Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown – with a few wrinkles thrown in for good measure; players can go in solo, form squads, or make a temporary alliance with strangers.

Those of you who wouldn’t mind taking a trip to Fortuna III can go to the Epic Games Store or visit The Cycle’s official site to sign up for the coming Alpha test. Just make sure to stop back by here for more information and future updates.

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