Game Freak Unveils Little Town Hero, Shares Release Date

Game Freak’s new IP finally gets its official name. Revealed as Little Town Hero during Nintendo’s recent Direct Video, this turned based RPG presents an interesting departure for the Pokémon developer.

Little Town Hero – previously known only as Town – follows the story of Axe, a young boy who wishes to travel the world. Unfortunately, the elders of his village forbid anyone from leaving; they live in an isolated area on the edge of the world.

Things change when a monster attacks the village. With the help of a mysterious red stone, Axe is able to subdue the creature. From there, his journey to learn the secrets connecting his village, the magical stones, and monsters begins.

Little Town Hero will feature a compact story; Game Freak was apparently looking to make a short game this time around. This can be seen in the gameplay. Instead of grinding/leveling systems, the combat is strategy based.

The battle system relies on ideas learned while living in the village. Game Freak didn’t go into much detail about how ideas work/are different from normal moves or abilities found in other RPGs. Just that it wouldn’t be what gamers would normally expect.

They did mention that the game’s soundtrack was composed by Toby Fox, who’s previously known for composing the background music found in Undertale. They also revealed a release date and price – Little Town Hero will be available on October 16th digitally, for $24.99.

Little Town Hero looks like it could be fun. Game Freak’s last non-Pokémon game was certainly entertaining. I’d assume the same for this title!

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