Paper Mario: The Origami King

July 17, 2020

Developed by:Intelligent Systems Published by:Nintendo Genre(s):
  • RPG
  • Action Adventure
  • Platform:
  • Nintendo
  • Cost:$59.99 ESRB Rating:EVERYONE Players:1

    Paper Mario: The Origami King is the sixth Paper Mario Game. Developed by Intelligent Systems (like the previous games), The Origami King offers fans a brand new paper-like adventure. Mario and co. will need to team up with Bowser and new protagonist Olivia, in order to rescue the Mushroom kingdom from the Origami King; he’s taken over Bowser’s army and kidnapped Princess Peach. Players will utilize new “folding” abilities to solve environmental puzzles. They’ll also engage in ring-based battles that challenges them to strategically line up enemies, maximizing their damage output.

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