IO Reveals Hitman’s First Elusive Target Stats!

IO Interactive released some interesting new stats on Hitman’s first Elusive Target today. Sergei Larin, aka the Forger, was in Paris for just 48 hours last weekend. Gamers got one chance to take him out. Let’s see how they did…


The Hitman team will be evaluating the feedback as they decide if the Elusive Targets feature needs tweaking. As of right now though, it seems to be a big hit; even players that failed to assassinate Sergei were pleased with the experience. Going forward, a new Escalation Contract has been added to the game on all three platforms. Called the Scorpio Directive, this contract included five stages and two targets to eliminate. This shouldn’t be a problem for seasoned assassins. Unless of course, you take into account the laser tripwires.

Lastly, IO let on that they’ll be revealing the release date for Episode 3: Marrakesh next week. We can’t wait to see/share what’s in store. Till then, make sure to keep it locked here for all your Hitman related news!

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