Klei and ESC-Toy Announced Something Awesome!

Klei announced something awesome recently. They’ve gone and launched a Klei Store, where fans can by collectables. Collectables made in collaboration with toy designer Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy LTD!

First of all, I’m a big fan of both Klei and ESC – they make great products. So seeing them working together making awesome stuff is well…awesome. I mean, look at this Limited Edition Mark of the Ninja vinyl figure:

I know…I know…awesome right! The Don’t Starve figures are great too.


I think it’s about time UFG got into reviewing gaming inspired toys. Between Neca and ESC, there’s plenty of high caliber collectibles floating around. It’s high time we started promoting them. I mean…their so AWESOME!

Fans can check out the new Klei store here.

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