Last Year: The Nightmare Gets a Gameplay Trailer

Elastic Games is taking us back to 1996 via a new gameplay trailer for Last Year: The Nightmare. A group of teenagers vs a homicidal maniac on Halloween night are the proper ingredients for a classic horror flick. Elastic believes this set up works for an asymmetrical survival horror game.

Judging from the trailer, and what I’ve seen of Last Year, I think Elastic is on to something. Five players (acting as the teens) must find a way to escape different maps while being stalked by another player (acting as the killer). The teens have different stats, each more or less helpful based on the scenario. The killers – there’ll be three to choose from at launch – also differ from one another.

What’s really interesting is how the killer starts in Predator mode in order to “ghost” his way around a map and set traps. Once everything is set up, he can appear at will (as long as he isn’t within close proximity of the teens) like the slashers and such from the old horror films the game is based on. Good times!

Last Year: The Nightmare is scheduled to be released on PC this Autumn via Discord’s Store. Be sure to check back here as we continue to cover this title.

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