Lost Dimension Arrives This July!

ATLUS and Lancasrse have revealed that the North American launch date for Lost Dimension. Coming to the PS Vita and PS3, gamers will be able to jump into this sci-fi tactical role playing game this July.

Lost Dimension follows the story of Sho Kasugai, a member of a secret service group called S.E.A.L.E.D who can see events before they happen. Using his Vision ability and the help of other agents, it’s up to him to stop “The End”, an alien bent on destroying the world. To do so, they’ll need to search each floor of the Pillar (a massive alien structure that fell from the sky) before it’s too late.

Those who purchase Lost Dimension within the first two weeks of launch will get over $20 worth of DLC. This includes 9 character costumes, 12 PSN avatars, a map set with additional story the explores the creation of the game’s central Pillar, and 3 DLC quest sets (The Emissary from the Netherworld, The Price of Blood, and Runaway Cause and Effect) for extra experience.

Lost Dimension will be available digitally on the PS3 and PS Vita on July 28th. Be sure to check back here as we continue to cover this title.

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