Microsoft Announced the Season Pass Guarantee Program!

On the heels of the Call of Duty: Ghosts MP reveal, Microsoft release a statement about Season Passes. Just like what was announced for Ghosts, gamers who purchase a pass on an Xbox 360 will automatically receive a pass for the next gen version (Xbox One)!

Called the Season Pass Guarantee program, publishers are going allow the transfer of content for their upcoming titles. Of course, you’d have to own both versions of the game in order to get both passes. While this is nice, I wonder if Sony will offer the same thing. I mean most of the next gen titles are going to be released after their current gen versions. So it would make sense for Sony to follow suit.

Microsoft only named a few publishers (Activision, EA and Ubisoft) that are on board. I’m sure we’ll hear about more publishers and titles during Gamescom next week!

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