Moonshining is Coming to Red Dead Online

Rockstar has been working hard to bring Red Dead Online fans engaged. Whether it’s legendary bounties or crazy PvP modes, they’re constantly adding interesting content. This trend continues later this month…

On December 13th, players will be able to become Moonshiners. They’ll be able to own and operate their own business by opening up an underground bar.

With this new Frontier Pursuit, comes new activities, missions, and more. The first of which starts via a meeting with Maggie Fike; once players hit Trader Rank 5, they’ll get the chance to work with the experienced bootlegger. She’ll get player’s businesses up and running through a series of story missions (that can be played solo or cooperatively).

There will be other new activities surrounding the moonshining business. One of the coolest things is being able to purchase the moonshining shack – a spot where the main floor acts as a front while the secret basement houses all of the illegal happenings.

Red Dead Online continues to improve, content-wise. Here’s hoping that being a Moonshiner is a interesting as it sounds!

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