Nebula Games Studio Announces The Release of Ninja Exorcist!

Nebula Game Studios, an indie game developer, recently released their first game over Microsoft’s Indie Games channel via Xbox Live. Dubbed Ninja Exorcist: Episode 1, this game features 2D platforming and action gameplay reminiscent of classic games like Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania!

The story follows a Ninja name Daigo who’s fighting to free a kidnapped woman (isn’t that always the case?). Over the course of his journey he’ll do battle with possessed ninjas, skeleton birds, and large, demon bosses.

Not only does this title feature action minded gameplay, it will also incorporate stealth take downs, a skill tree to unlock new moves, and upgradable equipment. All of this for $1? Yea, I’m interested.

Ninja Exorcist: Ep. 1 is available now on the Xbox 360 Indie Games marketplace. Drop by there to check it out and be sure to come back here for our review!

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Ninja Exorcist: Episode 1

Ninja Exorcist is a fun title featuring classic gameplay elements, artistic visuals, and decent music. 

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