New Wolfenstein Title On The Way!

Bethesda announced a new Wolfenstein title yesterday. Called Wolfenstein: The New Order, this action-adventure shooter is set to be released this year!

What’s interesting to note, outside of the fact that it’s a new Wolfenstein title, is that it’s being developed by a different team. Though id is owned by ZeniMax (parent company of Bethesda), it isn’t developing this title. I guess that’s not a shock being that they were/are having a hard time with Doom 4.


The good news is that the game is being worked on by MachineGames, a studio made up of seasoned developers. Hopefully, that means we should expect a good game. Either way, we’ll be covering this game till it releases (sometime in Q4 of this year). It is expected to be released on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and next gen consoles!

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