Patch 1.07; Altering The Witcher 3 for the Better!

CD Project RED recently revealed the contents of their next big Witcher 3 Patch. Dubbed Patch 1.07, it features some important functionality changes and bug fixes. Check out some of the key changes below:

– A new, alternative (optional) movement response mode for Geralt.

– A player stash for storing items, available in various locations throughout the game. Stash locations are marked on the player’s map.

– Crafting and alchemy components no longer add to the overall inventory weight.

– Books are now placed in a dedicated tab in the Inventory and books that have already been read are properly grayed out.

– A few performance enhancements, including the optimization of FX, scenes and general gameplay.

– Various improvements to horse behavior.

– Multiple sorting options are now available in the Inventory.

– Alchemy formulas and crafting diagrams can be “pinned”, meaning all components and ingredients required to make them will be conveniently marked in the Shop panel.

– Dozens of fixes for quest related issues, both major and minor.


All of these sound nice, though I’m super excited about the option to pin crafting diagrams. It’s a pain to have to pull up a separate menu, scroll to the object you want crafted, commit the needed ingredients/materials to memory, and then go back to the shop. The added sorting options are also a plus. Patch 1.07 should land on all platforms soon, so we’ll be experiencing its benefits in no time.

You got to give it RED. They’ve done a great job supporting this game. From free DLC and patches to promised expansions, they seem to care about their fans. It’s not like the Witcher 3 isn’t an already amazing game without all of this extra stuff!

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