Rebellion Gets “Unplugged”, Reveals Sniper Elite Board Game

Rebellion announced a that they are delving into tabletop experiences via a new board game division. Called Rebellion Unplugged, this branch of the studio will offer fans the ability to enjoy the company’s popular franchises in new ways.

The idea is simple: create physical games/collectibles using Rebellion’s many IPs. This is easier said than done, of course. Some of their games lend themselves to this type of treatment better than others; Evil Genius just screams tabletop.

Evil Genius wasn’t Rebellions first pick though. That honor fell to Sniper Elite. Launching through Kickstarter early next year, fans will get to take a sneak peak at the game at PAX Unplugged next month.

Will Sniper Elite The Board Game be as engrossing as its digital counterpart? Only time will tell. It does have a few things going for it besides its namesake. For one, Duncan Molloy, the former Founder and Creative Lead of the board game line at Osprey Games, is taking a leadership role at Rebellion Unplugged. He’s years of experience will be invaluable going forward.

For more information about Rebellion Unplugged, go here. Just be sure to stop back by for more gaming related news!

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