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  • Cost:$24.99 (Full Season) ESRB Rating:MATURE Players:1 Release date:December 20, 2016 Reviewed on:PC Episode Release Date:May 30, 2017

    The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 5: From the Gallows

    We’ve made it to the end of the road. Questions will be answered, conflicts will be settled. The death toll will mount as a sea of the undead flows through what’s left of Richmond. All we need to make Telltale’s finale worth the wait is a decent action and a few lose ends to set up a fourth season. Unless of course, things don’t play out the way you wanted them to…

    If the last episode eschewed the family theme, “From the Gallows” brings it back with a vengeance. Surprisingly, Javier has found himself in a direr position than when his friends were held at gun point – this was moments after someone crashed a truck into one of the city’s walls, breaching its defenses. With zombies pouring into Richmond and remnants of Joan’s forces shooting at anything that moved, he was noticeably in a rough spot. Not just physically, but emotionally too if his brother David is taken into consideration. Their relationship has always been a rocky one. It was only right that he would blame Javier for their current predicament.

    Things go from bad to cluster-town when David starts becoming suspicious of Javier and Kate. Obviously, they had gotten close given the nature of things; they had been on the road together ever since the outbreak started. Whether his suspicions are true or not doesn’t matter as his actions/demeaner is what keeps Kate at bay. She’s always seen David is a solider first and a husband/father second. It didn’t take the apocalypse for her to start questioning their marriage.

    I won’t go too far into what happens next. Given the nature of how everything plays out, I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises. What I can say is that the dilemmas you face this time around aren’t the normal weighing of pros and cons. In some cases, there are literally no good answers. I mean, you may find some to be better solutions (personally) given how the story works in leaning towards your version of Javier. Previous choices will decide what options you have towards the end of the episode, creating slight variations in the final events. Most of it you’ll see coming, though that doesn’t necessarily make them easy to live with considering that Javier sees these people as family. You’re not dealing with a crazy antagonist…at least, not exactly.

    The final episode is a good one. I liked how everything was mostly wrapped up; it wouldn’t be a spoiler to say that a fourth season is definitely coming. This season isn’t as gut wrenching as it could have been and I’m not crazy about certain characters appearing in name only. Still, I was thoroughly entertained. And ultimately, that’s what counts!



    A very good episode/finale to the season.



    Everything looks great!



    Same as the graphics; great!

    Replay Value:


    Now is the time to go back to previous episodes to see how things might differ.

    Final Score:


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