Developed by:Team17 Published by:Team17 Genre(s):
  • Turn-based Strategy
  • Platform:
  • Microsoft
  • PC
  • Sony
  • Cost:$14.99 ESRB Rating:EVERYONE 10+ Players:1 (2-4 Online) Release date:September 28, 2011 Reviewed on:PC

    Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

    The latest installment of Worms is a blast to play, but doesn’t do much to bring anything new to the table. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, as Team 17 has been making various Worms titles for over 15 years (the original Worms was released in 1995). The games have come a long way since the original, recent releases moving to 3D, improving ease of connecting to multiplayer, etc. I remember playing the original with a friend taking turns on the same PC, the simple yet deep gameplay itself is what Team 17 has maintained through each title I have played, and has been entertaining consistently.

    The basics of the games are as follows: you control a group of earthworms locked in a nigh endless battle against other factions of worms. You have access to a wide variety of weaponry to unleash destruction on your foes. Each weapon has its own characteristics, and must be aimed and fired accordingly. From the basic bazooka, to the cluster grenade, to the explosive sheep, and even an old woman, you have quite a selection of tools at your disposal. You can also get access to non-weapon tools to aid you in traversing the battlefield to get in position to make your attacks hurt the most. You take turns, one worm at a time, moving and making one attack per turn. You have to make the most out of your weapons and the terrain to destroy the opposition.

    Graphically, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem is clean, bright, and playful. Team 17 has always injected a wonderful sense of humor into the Worms series and it is present here. The cartoonish style works very well and the textures are solid. Everything is well done; I just wish the palette was a little more over the top color-wise. None of the levels are bland, mind you, but the style and attitude of the game make me want a bit more pop in the textures. The cut scenes in the campaign mode are a little lacking, as they feel a little dated compared to animation quality in current games. Audio wise everything is stellar. The voice acting is excellent, providing funny play by play to the game. With long play sessions I could possibly see them getting repetitive, but it doesn’t really detract from the gameplay.

    As with all of the Worms titles, the game play is where you get hooked. I’m not the biggest fan of most strategy games, but I love this series. It’s not over-thought and not too simple, just the right balance of arcade and strategy. The control scheme does take a little getting used to, but the learning curve isn’t bad at all. The campaign mode sends through a wacky series of events where you battle various groups of worms. The multiplayer is where is see the biggest draw, as with other worms titles. It’s a good time playing against others, blasting their worms into oblivion. You also get to customize your worm team, changing their looks with zany costume options, changing their voices, and even creating a custom team weapon unique to your team. The challenge modes are fun as well. Team 17 has done a great job honing the series and created a solid, entertaining game.

    I love this series, and Team 17 has delivered another solid addition to the lineup. If you haven’t played any of the series, this is an awesome entry point, and showcases why it has lasted this long. Quality gameplay and quirky art style is what makes this a fine game.



    Fantastic gameplay that is accessible and challenging.



    Everything looks good, just was hoping for more color.



    Voice acting is spot on and the sound fits the games style perfectly.

    What's New:


    Not a whole lot new here.



    Well balanced multiplayer will keep you playing for quite a while

    Final Score:


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