Rockstar Schedules Multiple Red Dead Online Updates

Rockstar is releasing the biggest batch Red Dead Online Beta updates yet. Featuring new weapons, clothing, community-requested improvements and more, it’s sure to get fans back in the saddle.

This first of these updates went live today. Players will be able to now earn Gold Nuggets and XP for completing Daily Challenges. These seven challenges will rotate each day. Players who complete them all before the day is out will earn bonus rewards.

The second update, which goes live next week, will feature a new Free Roam Event called Fool’s Gold. This event will task players will wearing a protective suit of Golden Armor; one player on each team will don the suit, enabling them to earn points. The opposing team will need to kill the wearer and steal the armor in order to turn the tables.

New modes and such will arrive in Red Dead Online Beta each week. This includes Target Races where players on horseback try to quickly take down targets with a bow and arrows, fishing challenges, three new Showdown Modes and a bunch more. All of this comes alongside new weapons, clothing, emotes and world enhancements – like the enhances law and bounty system.

The Red Dead Online Beta continues to improve. Hopefully, it’ll lost the “beta” part of its title soon as it moves towards completion.

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