Rooster Teeth Announces Death Battle! Card/Dice Game

Rooster Teeth has been busy as of late. Not only did they recently release Vicious Circle, they also started dabbling in table top offerings. The first of which is a head-to-head game called Death Battle!

Based on the hit Rooster Teeth/ScrewAttack web series – where pop culture’s most popular characters fight to the death – this fast-paced card and dice game is all about the duel. Where players will have to outwit their opponents using dice and card abilities.

The game will feature over 100 unique armor, weapon and skill cards, as well as 50 dice with six different abilities. It apparently won’t utilize popular characters like Superman, Cloud, Goku, and Spawn (like in the web series). That’s to be expected though, considering how much it would probably cost to license most of them.

Death Battle! will be released on Oct. 14th. We’ll be sure to share our coverage as we learn more about the game.

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