Spiders Releases GreedFall Companions Trailer

Spiders Studio released a new trailer for GreedFall at Gamescom. This one deals with the unique part members that will join players on their adventure.

Like other Spiders’ games, GreedFall takes player choice into account. How you act/treat people will untimely affect your hero’s story. The company you choose to keep will also plays a big part in that; each character will have their own ambitions and prejudices to worry about.

They also have their own personal quests. Ignoring their desires will result in them abandoning you. Make them a priority and they’ll be loyal forever. This is all before decided which to bring along at any given moment, considering they all have special skills.

GreedFall seems like an interesting game. Here’s hoping that it will be even more so when it launches on September 10th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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