Square Released Hitman’s Summer Bonus Episode!

Square Enix released Hitman’s Summer Bonus Episode today. Consisting of two separate ICA missions, this new episode showcases Agent 47’s first trips to both Sapienza and Marrakesh.

This bonus episode isn’t a part of the main story arc of Hitman. That said, they did happen (it’s cannon but has nothing to do with what’s going on now). Basically, this means we get to go back to these locations for fun in the sun…and you know, to snipe a corrupt so and so from an adjacent building. “The Icon”, taking place in Sapienza, will have Agent 47 completing a hit while a film crew is shooting a new sci-fi blockbuster. Housing a 110ft robot in the middle of the town square and pyrotechnics, this is the perfect place for an “accident” to happen. And in “A House Built on Sand”, players will travel to Marrakesh at night to stop a billion dollar deal. Both locations will feature new challenges, escalation contracts and elusive targets.

The bonus episode is available to players who either own the full experience or the combination of Intro Pack + Upgrade Pack. Everyone else will be able to purchase this extra episode later in the Season, packaged together with a third bonus mission for one price. The last three main episodes will be released later this year!

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