Supermassive Releases New Man of Medan Trailer

Supermassive Games released a new trailer for The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan game. Providing a brief look as this first installment of their upcoming horror anthology series, the video showcases The Curator…

The Curator is an omniscient observer of the game’s protagonists. He’ll assumedly be the only ever-present part of the anthology – the cast of characters will change with each installment. There’s no word on whether there will be an overarching story as of yet. Just that, in this first chapter, The Curator will talk to the player directly. He isn’t supposed to interfere – he’s like The Watcher from Marvel Comics – but chooses to give the player cryptic hints about what’s going on and possibly, what they should be doing.

I’m looking forward to The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan. As a fan of Supermassive’s previous title, Until Dawn, I can only image what this developer has in store for fans come 2019. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more of Man of Medan sooner than later.

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