Telltale/Gearbox Talk Tales from the Borderlands at SXSW!

Telltale announced a bunch of high profile, licensed titles late last year. One of which involved them partnering with Gearbox Software. Called Tales from the Borderlands, their plan was to create an adventure game set in the world of Pandora.

The question, out of the many, floating in gamers heads was how will it play – going from a first person shooter to adventure game? In an effort to answer some questions as well as explain how the studios game together, members of both companies were featured on a panel at SXSW. Telltale was nice enough to provide a video for those of us who couldn’t attend this year’s event.

The panel was hosted by Nerdist Network’s The Indoor Kids (Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon). The panelists were: Telltale’s Harrison Pink (Lead Designer on Tales from the Borderlands) and Kevin Bruner (President and Co-Founder of Telltale Games) and Gearbox’s Matthew Armstrong (Franchise Director of Borderlands) and Anthony Burch (Lead Writer on Borderlands 2).

Warning: Not completely safe for work!

The panel has certainly piqued my interest in the Tales from the Borderlands. I’m a little iffy on being able to shoot guns in the game though; the shooting mechanics from Telltale’s previous games aren’t that great. Still, it sounds like a cool story for fans of the Borderlands series and/or Telltale games. We’ll continue to follow this title, providing you with news as soon as we get it!

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