The Stylish Platformer, GRIS Gets a Launch Date

Devolver Digital and Nomada Studio recently announced the launch date for GRIS – a stylish platformer about a young girl lost in her own world. The developer (Nomada) is promising an evocative narrative experience. I’m inclined to believe them…

The trailer below showcases what players can expect. They’ll control GRIS as she journeys through an imaginative landscape that’s seemingly derived from a painful life experience; I assume this colorful world is a metaphor for a previous event. Whatever the case, the gameplay consists of platforming, puzzle solving and possibly provide some Metroidvania styled trappings thanks to GRIS’ ability granting magical dress.

Nomada Studio’s debut title, GRIS, will be available on the Nintendo Switch and Steam come December 13th. The digital title will cost gamers $16.99. Be sure to check back here as we continue to follow GRIS and other notable video games!

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