Wadjet Eye Announces New Blackwell Title and an iOS Conversion!

It seems like there is a lot going on over at Wadjet Eye Games. The developer of the Blackwell series is hard at work on the next installment. Called Blackwell Epiphany, it features Rosa Blackwell and Joey Malone teaming up against a malevolent force in New York. Apparently this force is so “malevolent” that it doesn’t have qualms about ripping apart a person’s soul to get what it wants. Interesting!

Wadjet Eye hit us with a “that’s all for now, but stay tuned” when it came to giving more information. To be honest, what was given was all we needed to know; though Blackwell Deception didn’t score super high, we still enjoyed the experience.

They also went on to announce that Joshua Nurnberger’s Gemini Rue is coming to iOS devices. Though it will be altered to play on the iPhone and iPad, it should still feature the game sci-fi/noir awesomeness from the PC version.

Again, a lot is going on over at Wadjet Eye. Be sure to return here as we continue to cover news related to this indie developer/publisher!


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