For those of you who are new to the UFG family, we wanted to take the time to familiarize you with all that we have to offer, take a look!

News: The latest’s updates about release dates, game development, gaming convention sneak peaks, and all other relevant tidbits of the gaming universe.

UFG Editorials: UFG’s chance to put the spotlight on pretty much anything that’s on our minds and relevant to you, the gamer! Topics range from debates about game genres to intelligent insight on controversial gaming content and ratings.

Interviews: Every now and then we like to get up close and personal with different gaming studios, developers, gaming clans, and the whole nine! Our readers get the chance to get inside the creative minds behind some of their favorite titles and products.

Reviews: UFG’s constructive evaluations to help our readers make informed decisions before running out to purchase the latest “greatest” game and gaming products. Besides providing essential information about plot, game play and other main aspects of a game, we also give an overall score based on five categories. Here is a brief guide to help you better understand the scoring.

Gameplay- Focuses on camera issues, controls, storyline, etc.

Graphics- The visual aspects of the game and how they enhance or hurt the game overall.

Sound- Soundtrack, sound effects, voice acting, and all audio components are commented on.

Replay value- Pretty straight forward, how often does the title lend itself to replay either though multiple gaming modes, online play, or its pure unadulterated awesomeness!

Honorable Mention- The What’s New category has been changed to Honorable Mention. Going forward, it won’t affect the scoring of a game. Rather, it’ll be an extra blurb that will summarize how a developer pushed the envelope (tried something new or radical) in their game; a PS, of sorts, at the end of a review. We felt this would better honor developers for trying something new without needlessly demoting the score of a game that doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

All four categories are equally important and are averaged to produce a final score. The final scores can be interpreted as: Bad (1-4), Poor to Decent (5-6), Good (7-8), Great (9-10). Keep in mind that a lower scoring game isn’t necessarily a bad title. Just not as good as it could have been upon release.

We’ll also be reviewing gaming hardware and Table Top experiences (board games, figurines, etc.). We won’t have a score at the end like the video game reviews. Instead we’ll communicate whether or not we recommend the product. They’re either Highly Recommended, Recommended, or Not Recommended. Pretty self-explanatory!

United Front Gaming is dedicated to providing gamers with the best in news, sneak-peaks, game reviews, and editorials! UFG aims to become a solid venue in the video game community where passionate gamers can connect with one another about their favorite pastime. We will continue to work together with others in the gaming industry to get our thoughts and ideas out to the rest of the gaming world.

It’s a united front for all your gaming needs!

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