Capcom gives us 4 more!

Capcom and Comic Con go together like zombies and shotguns! They just work so well with each other. Comic Con is a place to show off creative media, with comics and games in the forefront. So, it’s fitting that Capcom is showing off a game featuring Marvel Superheroes! Capcom has just recently revealed four new characters for their MVC3 game; Doctor Doom, Super Skrull, Trish, and Chun Li. DD and Chun Li were shoo-ins, but Super Skrull and Trish (from Devil May Cry) are welcome additions to the fighting universe. I hope this means we will see some of the Fantastic Four show up seeing as how Super Skrull has all their abilities. We’ll have to wait and see next spring (unless Capcom reveals them first)!

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