CD Projekt RED Announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!

CD Projekt RED has officially announced the title of their next game. Besides bringing us Cyberpunk 2077, they also have been working on the next Witcher game. This new title, called The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, features the decision-based storytelling the series is known for as well as a huge, living open world; they claim it to be bigger than any other in modern RPG history!


“The captivating and non-linear story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes place in a rich, truly open-world environment. A world which is thrilling to explore, full of daring adventures, momentous quests, memorable characters, and unique monsters. Players will freely travel through woods, lakes, mountains, cities and villages. Each region is inhabited by distinct populations with their own customs, legends and problems.  The world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is 30 times bigger than The Witcher 2,” said Adam Badowski, head of the studio.

That is quite a claim. On top of that, this last game is the final episode; the last part of the legend of Geralt of Rivia. RED is adding an improved combat system, new intiuitve RPG gameplay, free-roaming exploration, and breathtaking graphics. Basically, it has a crazy amount of hype to live up to!

What’s also cool is the fact that this is a next-gen title. The Witcher 3 will be released in 2014 on all high-end platforms. I honestly can’t wait to jump head first into this last installment. For those of you who never got to check out the first games, you’re being given plenty of time to catch up. Please note that they are being offered for 50% off on and Steam for the next 72 hours (the console version of the Witcher 2 is permanently reduced to $29.99).

Again…The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, coming to all high-end platforms next year. Be sure to check back with us as we continue to cover this title!

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