Enter the Gungeon’s Cute Plushies Pack Heat!

Devolver Digital and Dodge Roll Games announced that Enter the Gungeon pre-orders are now live on the PlayStation Store and Steam. Coming in at $14.99 (a 10% discount), gamers will be gunfighting their way through dungeons in April…but that’s not the best news…

Because everyone likes tangible loot, gamers can purchase limited edition bulletman plushies or a premium pin set on Devolver’s digital store. The metal pin set will run cost $20. The “Bullet Kin” plush will go for $25 and include a Steam key for the game while the limited Edition Cobalt Blue “Bullet Kin” will cost $45 (also includes a Steam key). The pre-order offer will last until April 5th, when the game is officially released.


Enter the Gungeon is the only dungeon crawler where gamers blast their way through hordes of enemies, some of which are bullets with guns. Because bullets shooting bullets makes total sense in awesome land!

Enter the Gungeon will be released on April 5th, for the PS4 and PC.

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