Lunar to Launch Sky Noon 1.0 Soon

Lunar Rooster announced today that the 1.0 launch of Sky Noon is coming later this month. This updated version will bring new features, a new game mode, and more…

One of the first things to be updated is the Time Trial mode; they’ll be grouped into Leagues going forward. Broken into Beginners, Intermediate, Attack, and Advanced, players will be able to level up as they progress. Getting either a gold or platinum medal will unlock a new grappling skin. Speaking of which, the update will also add eight new colors/styles and unlockable models for each of the air powered weapons.

The big addition is the new game mode, called Money Bags. This free-for-all offering tasks players with collecting coins scattered around the environment. Once collected, they’ll need to bank their spoils or risk losing them to another player; rivals can steal your unbanked coins by knocking you off the map.

A new duel map called Ice Spires and (assumedly) some finer tweaks to the gameplay are expected. Fans will be able to upgrade to 1.0 on December 18th. In the meantime, feel free to read out thoughts on Sky Noon – noting that the game has gotten better since we last played!

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