Media Molecule Launched Dreams Early Access

Media Molecule released Dreams, their upcoming adventure/Play, Create and Share experience, into Early Access. As of right now, fans can jump into the game to try their hand at creating their own game(s).

Coming off the closed Beta, Dreams features new tutorials to get fans up to speed. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned creator, there is something for everyone. To show off what gamers can expect to see in this current build, Media Molecule streamed themselves answering questions, creating characters and more. Check out the VOD below.

Watch Dreams Early Access Launch Livestream | #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

Dreams, like LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2, is all about the community. Sure, there is a story mode that acts as a fun single player experience as well as an introduction that showcasing what can be created by players. But the main focus is in creating and sharing with one another online. Which is why I don’t expect it to be released from Early Access anytime soon; being one of Media Molecules biggest games, there is just a ton to do in terms of making sure everything is just right.

Dreams is currently in Early Access. Fans can try it out for $24.99 via the Playstation Store

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