Microsoft Reveals Gears 5 Horde Mode at Gamescom

Microsoft had a lot to show during their special Gamescom Inside Xbox episode. They announced new titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass – including the upcoming Blair Witch Project – revealed when X019 would take place, shared a bunch of trailers and more.

Of course, the biggest announcements had to do with Microsoft’s first party titles. Mainly, Gears 5 and the introduction of the newest Horde mode. It’ll still task players with fighting off waves of enemies on specific multiplayer maps. That said, The Coalition is introducing some cool quality of life changes.

They also showcased new character-based gameplay mechanic. Each character, regardless of class, will sport Ultimate abilities; JD has an air strike, Kait can cloak, and so on.

Lastly, they revealed a new playable character in Jack, the flying support bot. He’ll be able to buff players, hijack and control enemies, and basically support the main Gears on the battlefield.

Gears 5 is only a few weeks away. Most of what’s been shown has been well received – the beta was all sorts of fun. Here’s hoping the campaign is equally impressive come September 10th.

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